Desert Stunts

2011 — PSP

Desert Stunts takes the player into the middle of the desert aboard a powerful vehicle. Monster trucks, racing cars, police cars - there's something for everyone. In half a dozen missions, you'll have to get to grips with the steering wheel and gearshift to topple obstacles of all kinds scattered here and there in your path, as quickly as possible.

Dozens of trophies are obtainable, and a free mode is also available.

The game is developed in C++ on the PSPSDK and uses the Phoenix Game Engine. It uses the Bullet Physics 3D physics engine. The keyboard and official PSP savegames are integrated.

I took part in the PSP Genesis Competition with this Homebrew, but it didn't make the podium.

desert-stunts.pngdesert-stunts-2.pngdesert-stunts-3.pngdesert-stunts-4.png desert-stunts-5.pngdesert-stunts-6.pngdesert-stunts-7.pngdesert-stunts-8.pngdesert-stunts-9.pngdesert-stunts-10.pngdesert-stunts-logo.png

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